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Reflection by Dianne Bergant CSS ...


The Feast of the Ascension is really a kind of liminal moment in the Easter season. It is a time between times; a moment when we have left one place in our journey, but have not yet arrived at a second. While the narratives that describe the Ascension fit well into the unfolding story of redemption, the feast itself celebrates one aspect of the resurrection itself, namely, the exaltation of Jesus. The readings help us through this paradox. They allow us to focus on this theological point while we commemorate a turning point in the life of the church. We do this by considering both the enthronement of Christ in the heavens and the new body of Christ on earth.

Today we stand awestruck, watching Jesus ascend into the clouds of heaven, there to be enthroned at God’s right hand. Today we are overwhelmed by the divinity of the one whom we have known in his humanity. Amidst shouts of joy and exaltation, Christ is enthroned in heaven in both his divinity and his glorified humanity. Now he is present with us in a new way, in a new body, in the church. He teaches through its apostles and evangelists; he ministers through its prophets and pastors. Through us he continues to heal and to comfort; to forgive and to include. We have his power, the same power with which he performed marvels when he walked the earth. We have each other; together we make up the new body of Christ.

Living the Gospel – Proclaim Good News...

Francis of Assisi is credited with saying, ‘Preach the gospel at all times and when necessary, use words!’ In every interaction we have we say so much about who we are, what we think of the other person and what we believe – even without opening our
mouth. Our actions and attitudes proclaim our beliefs more powerfully than our words ever do. If we claim to be concerned about justice and yet behave unjustly then it is our actions, not our words, that will be heard! When we are called to ‘proclaim the
Good News’ we are called to do this first and foremost in action.