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Advent Reflection by Greg Sunter…

We have reached the final Sunday in the season of Advent – a time of preparing ourselves to recognise and celebrate Christ’s presence in the world, both historically and in an ongoing, timeless way. This week’s gospel account of the Annunciation is an ideal culmination to this season as we recall Mary’s emphatic ‘Yes’ to all that was being asked of her. At the end of the Advent season of reflection and preparation to recognise Christ’s presence in the world and in our lives, what better response could there be than to simply say, ‘Yes’?

In a world that is driven by selfishness and the drive to push one’s self ahead of others, Mary’s selfless act stands as a challenge to our modern society. Even in her own time, Mary’s decision must have been an enormously difficult one – one that had the potential to bring great shame on herself and Joseph. Yet, her decision is made swiftly and in faith. She trusts God absolutely and gives her life over into God’s hands. That is perhaps the supreme act of faith; to say ‘Yes’ to God so completely that you are prepared to hand over direction and control of your own life.

Few of us tend to be visited by angels who lay out God’s plan for us as clearly as Gabriel did for Mary. For most of us, it is a challenge to discern God’s desire for us; to realise what it is that we are called to do and then give ourselves fully to that call. In the hustle and bustle of life, it is difficult to hear anything that God may be trying to ask of us. Perhaps the example of Mary’s ‘Yes’ is a reminder to be still enough to hear the question in the first place!