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Reflection by Dianne Bergant CSS...

Our attention shifts slightly in these last Sundays of Ordinary Time. We turn from concentration on the character and responsibilities of discipleship to reflection on the import of the end of time. As we move toward the close of the liturgical year, we are invited to consider the final coming of Christ and the last judgment.

The thought of judgment is enough to strike fear in the hearts of many. We sometimes experience tension between the idea of divine justice, which requires that the good be adequately rewarded and the evil be appropriately punished, and that of the mercy of God, which we hope will be generously extended to us. As seen in the readings for this Sunday, the justice of God does not conform to the standards of human justice. It is incomprehensible, because its foundation is mercy. While we might find consolation in this view of divine judgment when it is directed toward us, our hearts do not always seem to be generous enough to rejoice in the mercy extended to others. It is almost as if we feel that we have been cheated in some way, if God is merciful to others. However, divine mercy can work in us to abolish our pettiness and indignation and replace it with generosity of heart. We are called to conduct ourselves with this kind of generosity, this kind of love, this kind of mercy.

Have you thought? Equality or Equity?

How would you feel if you had done a full day’s work and were paid the same as someone who had only worked for one hour? Is the landowner in the parable being unjust? He pays the workers exactly what he promised them – but he promised everyone the same amount, regardless of when they started work. The workers who started at 6.00 am complain. How do you think the workers who started later in the day felt? The landowner claims the right to be generous – is generosity unfair? There is a dierence between trea ng people equally and equitably. What has the landowner done here?