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Reflection by Dianne Bergant CSS,

The new city of God is built on the foundation of the apostles, but on its gates are inscribed the names of the tribes of Israel. These names represent the openness to all nations, races, peoples and tongues. The resurrection of Jesus has radically transformed the way we live together and the way we live with God.
What must we do to be saved? The question put to Jesus centuries ago is still asked to-day, and the answer is still the same. We must believe and we must love God and love one another. We will be recognised as resurrection people by our active faith and by our unselfish love, not by an exterior mark, regardless of how sacred. This change in requirements for membership does not diminish the rigour of our religious obligations. Rather, it suggests that we may always have to reinterpret the law, for what is appropriate at one time and in one place may be inappropriate in another. With the early Christians, we will need the guidance of the Holy Spirit in this very delicate pro-cess. This is why the departing Jesus assures us that the Spirit will come to us to teach us all things.
The final gift that Jesus promises to give is his own peace, a peace that he has won by overcoming sin and death. This peace issues from the union that Jesus enjoys with God, a union which we are now invited to share.

Gospel Focus – Advocate...

In the text, Jesus describes the Holy Spirit as the Advocate, sometimes translated as Paraclete. Both words have very similar meanings. Today when we describe someone as an advocate we usually mean that they stand up for and speak out for someone else or a particular cause. Advocate also has a legal meaning where the advocate bears witness and attests to the validity of an-other. The Holy Spirit is the Advocate of Jesus in that the action of the Holy Spirit continues to bear witness to the message of Jesus.