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Reflection by Dianne Bergant CSS...


In the gospel, Jesus reaches deep into the world beyond life and rescues a young girl from the jaws of death. Earlier, he was jostled by the crowd and felt healing power leave him in order to restore an afflicted woman. Repeating the words of last week’s gospel: Who is this man? Is this someone with whom we want to become involved? On the other hand, can we afford not to get involved with him? This is a man who can lead us to life even in the midst of death. He is someone who is interested in the well-being of everyone, even those who may not be highly valued by society – women and children, the chronically ill, those who carry the seeds of death within them.

God's graciousness toward us should prompt us to be generous toward others. What we receive as life-enhancing gifts, we must share with those in need, those to whom life has not been kind. As we have been favoured by the healing touch of God, so we must extend that same loving touch to others. The love of Christ impels us to be openhanded as we approach those in need. Following Jesus' lead, we must not only give to them, we must also allow them to take from us. At times this will require that we share material resources; at other times it might mean that our energy will be drained in our service of them. In all of this, Jesus has set the example for us to follow.

Living the Gospel – A lesson in faith...
Although Jairus obviously believed that Jesus might be able to do something to help heal his daughter, once news came that she had died he needed a strong reminder from Jesus to not be afraid and to have faith. Was it the example of the woman’s faith in Jesus that gave Jairus the strength to continue to believe? When they arrive at the house the mourners laugh at Jesus and are consequently excluded from witnessing the miraculous raising. Since they don’t have faith, they are not given the opportunity to witness faith in action.