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Postal Address:
PO Box 21
Cranebrook NSW 2749
Church Address:
86-94 Andromeda Drive,
Office Address:
86 Andromeda Drive,

94 Andromeda Drive,
Tel: 61 2 4730 1249
Fax: 61 2 4729 2989
Fr George O'Mara:

Mrs Marie Cottee - Secretary:
(Tues, Thurs & Fri 9am - 4pm)

Part Time:
Mrs Sue Weekes - Office support:

Mrs Joanne Hocking - Sacraments Support




Reflection by Dianne Bergant CSS...


Jesus chose disciples to continue his work; he instructed them and empowered them. He sent them out on a mission, and they returned. People followed them, because they wanted to hear what Jesus and the disciples had to say; they wanted to be released from the sickness and the demons that possessed them. There are so many searching people in the world today, people hungering for instruction, good people looking for direction. They may be parents who are sick with grief over the future of a troubled child; a man stripped of his dignity through unemployment; a woman facing a pregnancy alone; elderly people feeling the surge of life leave their declining bodies; people who are angry and confused because they believe that the church is no longer dependable. They are people who are looking for answers and for meaning. They are like sheep without a shepherd, and Jesus looks to us to shepherd them.
In the midst of this confusion, there are reliable shepherds who walk with us in the dark valleys. They are willing to share the dangers through which we pass, even at the risk of their own safety. They do not pit one segment of the community or one theological perspective against another, scattering the sheep and driving them away. Instead, they work to dismantle the walls that divide us. They speak the word that gathers us together. They reconcile us with God and with each other. They may not give us easy answers, but their primary concern is to lead us to Jesus, the one who is our peace.

Prayer and reflection...
Jesus demonstrated how important it is to engage in times of quiet prayer and reflection. When you expend a lot of time and energy in the service of others it is essential to reflect on those experiences, to learn from them and consider what you’d do differently next time. It is also important that any ministry that seeks to be based in the message of Jesus can only remain so if it is fuelled by prayer. Only through prayerful dialogue with God can we learn what God desires for us.