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Reflection by Dianne Bergant CSS...


We all have dreams for the future, dreams about success and well-being. We all want a better world for our children and grandchildren. Our religious tradition sets before us aspirations that call for personal transformation. However, sometimes when we follow the inspiration of our most devout aspirations, obstacles are thrown in our path preventing us from following our dreams. Still, God does not call us out of our dreams into a vacuum. If we are asked to relinquish a possible future, it is only to be offered God’s future. Our aspirations may be noble, but the possibilities that God offers will outstrip them in excellence. Abraham was promised an heir; he relinquished his hold on his heir, and he was granted heirs beyond counting. Jesus came as a Rabbi; he allowed himself to be handed over to death, and he was revealed as the beloved Son of God.

Those preparing for Baptism might be asked to relinquish the dreams that they previously held in order to embrace the future God has in store for them. We who are already joined to Christ will be asked to recommit ourselves to this transformative experience. Do we have faith, or do we need a glimpse of Christ’s transfiguration in order to believe in his resurrection? Do we have to see and touch Jesus, or are we able to believe because we have heard his message? God’s future in Christ is open to us, but we must accept it in faith, even when we do not fully understand what it means.

Gospel Focus – A New Vision...

Part of Peter’s mistake is to see the appearance of Elijah and Moses as a confirmation that Jesus has come to continue the work of the great prophets of the past. Rather than placing Jesus in the old tradition of the prophets, the appearance of Elijah and Moses, together with the voice of God, is to endorse the new direction that Jesus’ ministry is taking. Jesus’ new vision for the world is informed by the relationships forged between God and the prophets of the past, but it is a vision of a completely different way of relating to God: a much more personal relationship that calls us to respond from the heart to those around us.