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Reflection by Dianne Bergant CSS


The question of legitimacy of ministry is not a new one. There is a certain amount of tension between the institutional and the charismatic aspects of the church. To say that one is Spirit-driven and the other is not is to misunderstand Jesus' promise to remain with the church until the end of time. God normally calls ministers through the structures of the community. The authorities of the church are usually the ones who make the ultimate decisions about the needs of the church, how these needs are to be met, and who is to meet them. That is one of the responsibilities of their office.

However, God calls in other ways as well. A solid biblical tradition maintains that the Spirit is not confined to human structure or custom. We see this in the judges, the prophets, and even the early kings. The Pentecost story describes the coming of the Spirit upon all people – sons and daughters, young and old, slaves and free. When God calls it is up to us to recognise that call and to test its spirit. Perhaps the primary criterion we have for judging is the biblical measure: By their fruits you shall know them. Today we also see that those who benefit from exploitation of the vulnerable will reap the fruits of their sin. This warning stems from the belief in the justice of God. Just as we believe that God will not allow the righteous to go unrewarded, so we are confident that neither will the wicked escape punishment.

Living the Gospel – Cut it out!
The thought of cutting off a hand or foot or tearing out an eye seems a bit extreme if taken literally. Whilst Jesus didn’t mean for us to do a bit of self-surgery, if we find ourselves caught in behaviour that is self-destructive or hurtful to others, the only solution is quite literally to ‘cut it out’. We know within ourselves when our actions are life-giving or life-harming. Surprisingly we often persist with harmful behaviour even when we know it’s harmful. Jesus’ solution is simple: cut out the negative behaviour and get back on track. That’s the principle behind Reconciliation.