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Reflection by Dianne Bergant CSS...


We have now come to the end of the liturgical year, the point that marks the transition from one period to another. Today we see that the kingdom of God is inclusive. Its embrace is as comprehensive as is the embrace of God. Criteria for membership are not based on obedience to the commandments or on conformity to ritual obligation, but on the bonds of love and concern.
What we do for others, we do for Christ, because Christ is identified with those in need. We very seldom see the face of the glorified Christ in the faces of the needy; it is more often the face of the disfigured Christ that is turned to us. We see his fear and his shame, his brokenness and sense of loss. As difficult as it may be to look into such eyes, it is precisely the needy with whom Christ is identified.
Having entered into the frailty of human nature, identified himself with the needy, and handed himself over to death, in the end Christ will have conquered all. It is a curious kingdom that he has won, a kingdom of the weak rather than the strong. He has turned the standards of the world upside down. He has shown that it does not take strength to ignore or to exploit the needy, but it does take strength to overcome our own selfishness in order to serve them. The kingdom that Christ hands over to God is a kingdom of love and care.

Gospel Focus – The Final Judgment

Often referred to as ‘The Final Judgment’, this gospel presents an understanding of judgment and punishment that reflects the theology and culture of the first century. It is an image that has continued to dominate Christian art and theology for most of its history: the idea of God sitting in judgment on the final day and weighing up each individual’s actions. It is often applied very literally and it is a dominant image of God represented in the media – TV sit-coms and movies often draw on the image. It is a literalist image of God that needs to be challenged. We must remember that the focus of the gospel passage is on the call to action for justice.