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Reflection by Fr Michael Tate...


Jesus entered Jerusalem, not as a warrior in the tradition of King David as many had hoped for, but riding simply on a donkey. The disciples and the crowd applauded him, but they proved fickle in their support.

On the other hand, Jesus remained steadfast in his commitment to non-violent revolutionary change of the religious and political systems so as to establish the reign of God. Why did he renounce marshalling human and angelic warriors to further his cause?

First, Jesus embodied God-for-us, and God does not want the destruction of those he has created out of love. Second, Jesus had a premonition that an armed revolt would lead to the destruction of Jerusalem and the dispersal of the Jewish people (as occurred in 70AD).

Third, Luke’s Gospel recounts that as Jesus laboured up Mount Calvary he turned to some wailing women and said, ‘Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me, weep rather for yourselves and for your children.’ He knew that they suffer grievously in armed uprising. This is seen in barbaric reality in our own time with women being tortured and raped in campaigns of terror, trafficked into sexual slavery, suffering the loss of sons, husband and lovers.

We could take a moment to pray that the Church of the 21st century, successor of the pacifist Church of the first three centuries, may enter on a new period of reflection on these issues, grappling with the desire to protect the innocent, yet always challenged by the man on a donkey, Divine Prince of Peace.

Fr Michael Tate

Living the Gospel – Before the cock crows...

Peter is an interesting character in the gospels. He is one of the first of the disciples to be called; Jesus changes his name and places great trust in him; he is witness to the most significant moments of Jesus’ life; he is able to profess his faith in Jesus as the Christ and yet it is he who denies even knowing Jesus. We might have thought that Peter was Jesus’ most loyal and faithful follower, yet it is he who can’t stand up and claim that he was a follower of Jesus. Is it any wonder that it is difficult for us today sometimes?