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Reflection by Dianne Bergant CSS...

In every life there is a struggle between obedience and disobedience, and this struggle takes various twists and turns. At times we are willing to conform to regulations set from the outside, and at times we are not. We are invited to choose in favour of the reign of God, or we are free to ignore the invitation. Those who are fundamentally righteous sometimes fall from grace, and people considered evil to the core sometimes reform their lives. What ultimately counts are not the promises made, but the actions taken.

We are called to discipleship, and there may well be urgency in this call, but it is an invitation that is to be accepted freely. As is the case with life itself, options are placed before us all the way along the road. We are invited to choose in favour of the reign of God, or we are free to ignore the invitation. However, the invitation always remains open to us, because God’s desire for our acceptance is persistent and enduring.

The real choice set before us today is the imitation of Christ. The specific characteristic of Christ today is his humility. Since demanding one’s rights can undermine the loving quality of community, Jesus’ humility is offered for our imitation. It is very clear that whichever aspect of discipleship we examine, some aspect of community is also present. To be a disciple of Jesus is to follow him humbly as a member of a believing community.

Living the Gospel – Saying ‘Yes!’

In many ways, it is easy to say ‘Yes’ and not really mean it. Some people do it all the time in their lives. They say ‘Yes’ when they have no intention at all of following through on their commitment. It’s easy to say ‘Yes’ and not mean it when it comes to faith as well. It’s pretty easy to turn up at Church on a Sunday and be seen to be doing the ‘right’ thing. But if our faith doesn’t change the way we live, then maybe we’re really saying ‘No’ to God.