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Postal Address:
PO Box 21
Cranebrook NSW 2749
Church Address:
86-94 Andromeda Drive,
Office Address:
86 Andromeda Drive,

94 Andromeda Drive,
Tel: 61 2 4730 1249
Fax: 61 2 4729 2989
Fr George O'Mara:

Mrs Marie Cottee - Secretary:
(Tues, Thurs & Fri 9am - 4pm)

Part Time:
Mrs Sue Weekes - Office support:

Mrs Joanne Hocking - Sacraments Support




From the Pastor...


A Very Peaceful and Holy Christmas
and a Happy New Year to all…


2014 has been an eventful and somewhat troubling year both in Australian society generally and in our Church community. The recent Sydney siege in Martin Place with the deaths of two innocent young Australians and the terrorizing of other innocent hostages, shows that we are not immune from terrorist acts and that we depend greatly on the bravery and professionalism of our Police Force and other emergency services. It is at these times of stress and tension that we need to recognise what is good, wholesome, and joyful in our society and communities. Every day good people go about their daily work and lives making Australia a better and more prosperous environment in which to live. Let’s celebrate that. Let’s also take time to thank God for the people in our lives and try to give back to the wider community through some form of voluntary service. I thank our Parish Team, our catechists, our liturgical ministers and servers, our St Vincent De Paul Society members, our Church cleaners, our collection counters, our Management Committee members, our Parish Pastoral Council members, our musicians and singers, those who take up our Sunday collections, those who carry out repair work on the Church and presbytery, and everyone who contributes to Corpus Christi Catholic Community. Thank you all and let’s spread the Good News about Jesus far and wide.

Fr George.

To the Parishioners of Corpus Christi

May joy be your gift this Christmas and may peace and hope follow you into the New Year.

We would like to give a huge thank you to all those who helped us throughout the year in ensuring the success of the various ministries in our parish—the Management Committee & Pastoral Council, all those who volunteered for the ministry roster, the Catechists, St Dominic’s transport team, the church cleaners, the Baptism team, the Sacramental leaders, the counters and the list goes on…

We wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year and we look forward to working with you in 2015.

Marie & Sue