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Reflection by Dianne Bergant CSS,

Lent is a time when we are reminded that there is nothing we can do to win our salvation. It is a pure gift from God. Like Jesus in the wilderness, we are to allow God's plan to unfold in and through us. Lent is a time for us to enter actively into the mysteries of the death and resurrection of Jesus, and there to marvel at what God has done for us.
The temptations of Jesus are the same temptations that we face when we are in-clined to think that somehow we are in control. While the goals of the temptations may be admirable – feed the hungry, bring the world under the control of good, trust in God's power to protect us – we often choose to accomplish them in ways that are less than admirable. We try to perform the extraordinary so that what we do re-flects favourably on us. We use brute force in order to achieve control. We put God to the test rather than live peacefully with God's plan as it unfolds within and around us. We seek to become the super-hero, the super-minister, the super-Christian on our own. In his responses to the tempter, we see Jesus constantly deferring to the power of God: It is not by bread alone . . . worship only God . . . do not put God to the test. In a real sense, these temptations are a reminder that the fundamental temptation is to deny our human limitations and refuse to let God be God for us.

Living the Gospel – Lent

The 40 days that Jesus spent praying and preparing in the wilderness is reflected in the season of Lent that lasts 40 days from Ash Wednesday until the day before Easter Sunday (not counting Sundays in the season). It has been traditional that during the time of Lent Christian people renew their efforts in prayer, fasting and almsgiving. All three of these practices are actions of preparation. Just as Jesus prepared for his min-istry in the wilderness, so too is Lent an opportunity for us to be deliberate about our reflection on what we are called to do in this world.