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From The Pastor…




The resurrection scene as recorded by St John's Gospel concludes almost laconically, with the disciples returning home and leaving Mary Magdalene at the tomb. While the narrator emphasises that everything took place in order to fulfil the Scriptures, it took the disciples some time to realise this truth. St Paul in First Corinthians, affirms that what he handed on to his audience about Jesus' death, burial and being raised was 'in accordance with the Scriptures'. God's will is to be acknowledged and understood in the light of divine revelation enshrined in the Scriptures. We, too, seek to understand the resurrection through the scriptures. But sometimes we become too focused on 'the facts', what actually happened and, endeavouring to explain the mystery, we miss the 'meaning'.

The second resurrection scene in John's Gospel (20: 11-18) encapsulates the faith experience of Mary Magdalene announcing to the other disciples that she has seen The Lord, has touched him, has heard him call her by name and has received a commission from him. The resurrection of Jesus, then, is not merely a fact, an event of the historical past, but a call to believe in him that entails a mission like the one that Peter is carrying out in Acts (10: 34, 37-43) in the first reading of Easter Day. Our belief in the resurrection implies our own resurrection, not only 'on the last day', but here and now. Jesus' rising means that the believer, too, has been raised and is a 'new creation', 'the first born from the dead' and called through baptism to a new 'resurrected' life.

We can all be too caught up in the death-dealing forces of our world, which, like the grief of Good Friday can seem victorious. But the Christian community is called to live a new life, a life of hope and promise, in keeping with our belief in a life-giving God who never deserts us. St Paul says, “since you have been brought back to true life with Christ" start living the life of the risen Jesus every day, in your relationships, in your love for humanity, in your love of God who created this beautiful world out of love. Love, then, is the final word when it comes to professing our faith and in living everything that Easter celebrates.

Have a safe and happy Easter,

Fr George.