Baptism and other Sacraments of Initiation into the Church

We have a simple and supportive baptism programme for parents with babies or young children. It involves presenting the child to the community at a given Mass time and meeting after to chat with other parents as well as the baptising priest and completing necessary paper work so that a certificate can be prepared and the details entered into the baptism register.
It is hoped that this simple approach will help parents feel welcome, especially where they may have not had recent experience of the Church or who may be new to this community. The baptism of a child is often a great chance for parents to experience a real renewal in their own faith and connection.

For adults, we run the RCIA programme (stands for Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) is for baptism etc of adults or sometimes just confirmation if they've already been baptised in another Christian Church then decide to be Catholic. RCIA runs discussions/sharing etc from about September and leads to Easter. During the process, people decide if they wish to proceed and each has a supportive ‘sponsor’ who becomes part of the group. RCIA becomes like a little community in itself.

Sacraments of Initiation for children happens with a combination of home groups, for which we seek and train leaders, but as well, through parent only nights where we try to assist the parents' growth in faith so that they feel more natural and confident to help their kids grow in faith. We always try to emhasise that faith and sacraments are a whole, ongoing journey... it's about continuing to grow in applying faith and the Gospel to real life. At Corpus Christi, we don’t settle for faith and sacraments just being seen to be for kids. Rather, it’s a community in which hundreds of adults experience connection, belonging and relevance for the real stuff of their lives!

As well as these programmes, Fr George spends time working with individuals, supporting them in their issues and in their faith… and some of this is personal preparation for them to receive the Sacraments. So, whilst there are programmes and groups for each step, there is always a personal dimension of support and preparation available too.

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Children’s Liturgy

During 6.00pm Saturday Mass and 9.30am Sunday Mass most weeks for children aged 4 to 10 years.